Parc Four Seasons, with a site area of 190,000 m2 for the construction of around 500 villas, is a centerpiece of Crystal Properties' portfolio. It comprises of around 560 detached villas, townhouses that ranging between 250 to 350 m2.

The project displays an elegant aura of grandeur combined with contemporary flavour. The world-class lushly garden embracing the splendid European architecture creates a leisurely resort atmosphere. At Parc Four Seasons, you can find French-style classical ante-courts, Roman-style services building and English-style cottage gardens, little Italian sculptures scattering around corners of the project and an outdoor Mediterranean-style swimming pool. It is truly and enticing blend of the dignified Eastern Europe, the romantic Western Europe and passionate Southern Europe.

Parc Four Seasons had captured the attention of the Property Specialist Organization. The project was highly praised as “the masterpiece of Crystal Properties”. It is also the first property project being recommended and certificated by PSO in China.